Komondor Dog Breed

He is not a Puli , but looks extremely similar to him. With the Komondor comes a handsome shepherd dog from Hungary, whose history goes back a long way. Ancestors of this breed are said to have existed more than 2000 years ago. 

This is indicated by historical drawings and inscriptions on clay tablets. The breed probably came to Hungary in the 9th century, where he proved to be an excellent protector and companion of the shepherds working there. In the 15th century, the Komondor had established itself in its new home and received the official name "Hungarian Shepherd Dog".

The shaggy Komondor with his imposing coat of hair is managed by the FCI under Standard Number 53 in Section 1, Group 1. This breed is by no means an uncomplicated cuddly bear and a purchase should be considered carefully.

The outer appearance of the Komondor


Komondor males weigh 50 to 60 kilograms. Bitches are a little lighter at forty to fifty kilograms.


Komondorok (majority) are large dogs in which males reach at least 70 cm and bitches at least 65 cm at the withers. Sizes of more than eighty centimeters are not uncommon for this breed.


The Komondor always has an ivory fur, with the underlying skin darkly pigmented.


The physique is massive, stable and quite solid. Since the fur dress with its long felt shag takes up a lot of space, ears and muscles are difficult to see. This gives the breed a very impressive appearance that makes it difficult to read emotions.

Special properties


Komondor are exactly how dog lovers imagine an intrepid and responsible shepherd dog: watchful, brave and suspicious of strangers and animals. In addition, this breed has a strong territorial behavior, thinks independently and cannot be bribed by anything in the world. In Ticino in Switzerland, the Komondor is even on the breed list.

In general, Komondor are also considered insensitive and calm. They tend to defend their family by all means, using their high intelligence. 

The breed behaves calmly during the day, but patrols at night to guard the house and herd. In order to be able to match this breed and its special character, a consistent but never strict upbringing is required, which is based on a close bond between humans and dogs. 

Then the Komondor turns out to be affectionate and friendly. However, experts do not recommend this breed of dog for families with small children, as Komondorok can grow tall and heavy in just a few months. Their temperament and their sometimes impetuous behavior can be dangerous for children. Check https://www.mrsdoggie.com for more dog breeds

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